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It’s Only the Beginning

My first week of Noir digital storytelling has been interesting. I now am a member of almost every social network online, so try to find me!image


I learned how to publish a website, yay! Of course my blog is no where near perfect, but hey; I’m working on it.image

This week I was introduced to noir. Noir is a form of storytelling, which for the most part is associated with the way most films were presented in the 1940s. A dark simple cartoonish film tells a story that is very simplified and contains an alterior meaning. The message or theme of noir seems to focus on opinions of WWII, stemming from political and social beliefs.


  1. Jim Groom says:


    Can you link to those social media accounts in this post? Also, any thoughts about Paul Schrader’s essay on noir? Any of the examples strike you? We will be wrestling with noir the entire semester, so start to dig in right away is probably a good idea.

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